Ryan on the benefits of activity and hobbies

Having an interest or hobby can be great for boosting your self-confidence and making friends.  Ryan’s main thing is scootering and he also rides a BMX and skates sometimes.  He’s been doing it since he was fifteen and rides at Prime Skate Park and Central Skate Park.  On Sundays he teaches other young people at Scoot Club.  For Ryan, scootering was a great way to meet people who were into the same things as him.  He made a really close group of friends when he started scootering at Prime Skate Park and has travelled to skate parks all over the country with them.  

“If you’re feeling down or feeling alone then hop on a scooter or hop on a BMX and go out and have fun.”

Making friends

Ryan says that he didn’t have many friends before he started scootering.  The thing with getting a hobby though is that you meet people who are into the same thing and you have something to talk about.  That happened to Ryan when he started going to Prime Skate Park in Plymouth.  He made some of his best friends through scootering and he’s made lifelong memories with them.  Whatever it is that you’re into, there will be other people out there who you can meet in person or online who are into the same thing.      

Boosting your confidence

Learning new skills and making friends doing it can be great for improving your confidence.  Ryan learnt tricks that he never thought possible and when he landed his dream trick it was life changing.  Whatever you’re into, a hobby or activity will help you build your confidence as you try new things and get good at them.

Things you could try

You could try scootering, skating or BMX like Ryan.  Or maybe if you’re into football or a team sport you could join a club so that you’re going to organised practices and can maybe play in matches.  Maybe sport isn’t your thing.  That’s ok.  You might want to get into art, or drama, or music.  You should be able to find some organised activities near you or a community of people who are all into the same thing.  

Don’t be afraid to be a beginner

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried something before.  Don’t let that stop you trying.  Everybody was a beginner once.  Nobody expects everybody to be amazing first time.  You might find that you’ll learn and get better with the help of others because they can help you to not make the mistakes that they did when they were learning.  That’s what Ryan does when he teaches at Scoot Club on a Sunday morning.  Before long you’ll be good enough to help somebody else to learn and get better.