I’ve always been really interested in hospitality, ever since I was a child so it was obvious to me to have that as my inspiration for the piece of furniture. I work as a chef and have always loved cooking and food, particularly, mixed grills and barbequed meats. I think it’s amazing when you can get people’s taste buds tasting all different flavours.

I’ve started to post photos of food I’ve made to a Instagram account I have, it’s a family account which is really important to me. I think there’s a really strong connection between family and food.

I’m quite comfortable with DIY generally, I grew up on a farm and have been a handyman in the past so am really happy using tools and fixing things. I was really happy to get started with putting these drawers together.

I’m not really sure how I’ll use the chest of drawers just yet, but I’ve really enjoyed being part of the process. If I was going to give some advice to other people starting a project like this, I’d say it’s really important to be open minded when you get started!