I’ve always loved designer brands, so it was easy to choose them as my inspiration for my chest of drawers. I thought that to really make it mine, I wanted to make a collage of all my favourite brands to go on the top. I didn’t think I’d chose black for the sides and front, but I now think it will really work to match my front room. I also wanted to highlight some parts in gold to give it that luxury look.

I found it a bit daunting at the beginning of the workshop with IKEA, I’d heard that some IKEA furniture can be quite difficult to make and it felt like there were going to be quite a lot of people watching me as I tried to put the drawers together. I surprised myself as I actually found it quite easy when I got started the build, I followed the feel of the instructions and it felt better as we were all doing it together.

I think it’s a really good skill to know how to put furniture together and I’m really glad I learnt it. The workshop definitely helped me be more creative. If I was going to give another care experienced young person any advice when starting a project like this, I’d say to them to not be scared if you feel like you can’t build it, you can! And definitely don’t be scared to make it your own!

When I get my chest of drawers back in my house I think I’ll use it to hold all my food, perhaps it’ll become my crisp cupboard which will be really useful. My fridge is in my front room so it will fit in really nicely next to that.

Watch the video of Cass building her chest of drawers here