To celebrate two years of work on the LifeLabs project, an exhibition was launched in IKEA Exeter in May 2021 – showcasing some of the skills that a group of care experienced young people gained as a direct result of being involved in the project.

The exhibition is built around five pieces of customised IKEA furniture, which were created by the young people in workshops led by IKEA co-workers.

The young people took inspiration from their personal experiences and what is important to them, to create unique items they were able to take home when the exhibition ended in late summer 2021.

The workshops gave the young people an opportunity to learn DIY skills, build self-confidence, and share experiences with others. They provided a safe space to make mistakes and try things out.

The exhibition also showcased portrait images of the young people involved, which you can see below. Their faces are covered by an image they each took of their space, which show what home means to them.

Click on the portraits to watch their behind-the-scenes videos from the workshops and hear their stories.

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